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The creative team and I have been blown away by all of the fantastic song and scene ideas that the students have been contributing to our collective. While today was the official deadline for content submission, we are still encouraging students to continue to think of Canada themed ideas and bring those in if they come up with something great. As we’ve reminded the students, we will not be able to fit everything into the show, but the more material that we have to work with the better!

After four weeks of rehearsal, it is becoming evident which students have been taking the time to review their songs / choreography and scenes at home and which ones have not. We are still early in the production cycle, but we took the time this week to remind all of the students of the importance of practicing their parts at home. Given the amount of work involved in creating a show we will have limited time to review songs and scenes, so it is imperative that what has been done in rehearsal is not lost from a lack of review. We’d really appreciate it if you could do everything you can you encourage your child to continue to work on reviewing their parts at home.

This Week’s Homework

This Saturday we have added three new songs to our repertoire for our upcoming show! The students were divided into two groups: the first of which worked on If I Had $1000000 while the second group worked on both Brave Canadian Soldier and Recruiting Sergeant. Below you’ll find the breakdown of which students are in which group, along with links to the songs on YouTube. As usual, these tracks are also available in the Dropbox.

If I Had $1000000

Elyssa S, Katie S, Molly, Kiersten, Isabella, Howie, Emma, Ruby

  • Today we worked on both the words and choreography for this song. We will be adding in a scene to go before this number in the coming weeks. Please have your child work on (and memorize) the words to this song learned by next week, and also be sure to review the choreography. Musical tracks (both with words and karaoke) along with a video of the choreography will be added to the Dropbox tonight (linked below)
  • For those who were away this week, please be sure to access these files in the Dropbox to catch up on what was missed!
  • Youtube link for song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHacDYj8KZM
  • During rehearsal today the students were asked to ‘speak sing’ this song. Please remind them of this (they should know what this means 🙂


Brave Canadian Soldier, Recruiting Sergeant

Megan F, Lauren T, Paige M, Avelea, Jared, Keegan, Bre H, Paige S, Luke, Megan A, Alyssa F, Katie V, Sam, Breanna P, Lily, Sophie, Ethan, Grace, Tyler, Riley, Braden, Evan, Taryn, Olive, Rylee

  • Brave Canadian Soldier – This week we worked on the lyrics for this song (and preliminary blocking). Students should work on (and memorize) the words to this song by next week. The track (with words) for this song can be found in the Dropbox (linked below)
  • Youtube link for song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6SXbqwCGN0
  • Recruiting Sergeant – This week we worked on choreography for this song. The students are not expected to sing this song, so memorizing the words is not necessary, however they should still listen to this song throughout the week so that they become familiar with it. We will be adding a video to the Dropbox (linked below) with the choreography that we worked on. Students should review this and practice the choreography for next week.
  • Youtube link for song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knxR-Q2VoBE


If you have not yet had a chance to access the Dropbox, please give it a try now! We will be using this Dropbox to share all of the songs, lyrics, and choreography videos with the students so it is essential that everyone has access. Some parents have decided to pass this link directly along to the students so that they can access the material themselves—please feel free to do this if your child has an email and you are comfortable with them accessing the link on their own. If you have any difficulties accessing the link or any of the material, email Mike Crabbe and he’ll do his best to resolve the issue!


Please let us know if you have any problems working on the above and we’ll do whatever we can to help!



Canadian Collective – What to work on for February 25th

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