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A livestream fundraiser in support of the arts community and Theatre Woodstock.

Performed by Kayla James with Special Guests

Growing up in a small town like Woodstock, no one expected Kayla to get very far in “show business”. Thanks to an incredible community of mentors, artists, and Theatre Woodstock, Kayla has performed professionally in musical theatre from coast to coast. She has had the opportunity to work at many of this country’s most prestigious theatrical institutions like the Shaw Festival, the Charlottetown Festival, and her personal dream, the Stratford Festival.

Full of gratitude and love for the small town arts community she came from, Kayla wants to give back. This livestream performance will benefit our beloved Theatre Woodstock during this strange time when they need it most.

at Virtual Event on Nov 14, 2020 at 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

STAGES presents a Virtual Comedy!

That despicable “mastermind,” Dr. Evil, is once again up to no good in this hilarious, all-ages comedy written to be performed entirely on a video conferencing app! At the monthly online meeting of the Council of Evil, the bumbling ne’er-do-well reveals his newest plans for world domination… trained pigeons… with lasers! Having heard his hair-brained schemes before, Countess Gothma, Lord Warhammer, Archduchess Arsenica, and Prince Vladi practically laugh him out of the Zoom room!

Undeterred, Dr. Evil unleashes his army of pigeons upon a rainy but repellant Seattle and a harsh, brash New Jersey, only to have his plans thwarted by unexpected events. About to lose hope, the doc’s assistant and BFF, Shirley, encourages him to keep on trying. But when the doctor sends his battalions to Garvin County, Oklahoma, he may finally have met his match in Josephine Esoteric and her army of tigers with jetpacks!

Presented through special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services Inc, Englewood, Colorado

at Virtual Event on Dec 12, 2020 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm